Name: Helen Steele

Where are you from? A very small village called Borgue, out in sticks in Dumfries and Galloway (South West Scotland)

Where do you live now? A smaller village called Milton which is less out in the sticks but still in Dumfries and Galloway.

Occupation? Solicitor


Did you enjoy sport growing up?

I was into everything and had way too much energy when I was growing up (still am and have) – I tried a huge range of activities but my core sports ended up being swimming, horse riding, water skiing and rugby.  My dad was involved in the local rugby club so my siblings and I were very much part of the club house furniture!


How do you keep fit and exercise now?

My activities are very much based on convenience and accessibility so I have no excuses!!  I use Three Hiit Wonder for a combination of Hiit, yoga and stretching.  I love getting out and about so do try to work some runs or walk into my week, preferably by the sea or up a hill somewhere.


Has your relationship with exercise and fitness always been the same?

Although I have always loved sport, I have realised my participation in sport used to be as much self motivation as it was others encouragement.  My ‘commitment to participation’ was definitely tested when I went to University which was odd because before I studied Law, I studied Applied Sport Science.  So I guess I knew the theory but other than playing hockey (which I was never that keen on or good at), I struggled to motivate myself to stay active.  When I moved to Glasgow to study Law, I lived near the University gym.  Having never been a gym goer before I took the plunge and joined. Since then my relationship with exercise and fitness has really been a more solitude event and the shift from my younger years of competitive sports, to me being my biggest competition, it definitely noted.

You have a demanding office job, how do you fit exercise in?

I think like many, I have a seasonal love-hate relationship with getting up in the morning but I am trying to be better at maintaining a similar structure all year round even with winters dark morning.  Working out in the morning for me works well as by 10am, you forget that you have actually done it!  I am lucky to have some flexibility with my hours at work so, if I am organised (or working from home), I can often get outside for a walk or run during the day to take advantage of the daylight hours in winter, or sunshine in summer.  And I work in a coastal town so sea views are never far away = Happy Helen.


Do you have any fitness goals ?

I don’t have any major fitness goals – for me it about maintains a good level of activity so I tend to work with setting myself frequent, small goals rather than longer term, big goals.  I find it works better for me.  So one week my goal could be to fit in three yoga sessions and another week it could be to run/walk the distance of a marathon over the course of a week.


If someone out there is struggling with fitting exercise in with a lifestyle with no routine what would your advice be?

Be organised.  Even just a bit – sitting my gym kit out the night before can be the difference of me doing a work out or not, and leaves me without that feeling of ‘where’s my trainers?’.


What do you love most about Three Hiit Wonder?

It’s accessibility – you can just log in and work out where ever you are. The variety – not just within the Hiit session but also that you get yoga, stretch and band sessions, pilates, some recipes and lots of another special features, challenges and tips. And the community – I haven’t met most of the members but everyone is great at encouraging you along online.


How has THW helped you in life?

I am lucky that my physical and mental health have always been good but its only in recent years, and through the accountability and motivation of Three Hiit Wonder, that the focus of maintaining that has been made a priority. I used to work out more for my body but as I get older, life gets busier and more demanding, I definitely work out more for my head.  My job can be stressful and hectic – a work out in the morning is great way to start the day right and a post work run is a great thinking space.


Give us one tip to stay motivated?

Make time, not excuses.  Three Hiit Wonder is brilliant for short work outs and everyone, no matter how busy, can find 20 minutes, a few times a week to give to yourself to move a little. Life is busy – there are days in the week that are busier than others and every week can differ.  I try to decide, at the start of every week, which three days I will definitely ‘do something’ on and then anything else is a bonus.  The weekly timetable with Three Hiit Wonder helps with that.


What is your life tip to live by?

I am a pretty positive person all round and I think that goes a long way when life gives you ‘texture’ so I would say ‘face the sun and the shadows will always fall behind you’.  I tend to do that by surrounding myself with my special people, and laughing with them ….. a lot.

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