Name: Alastair (Ally) Fraser
Where are you from? Dunfermline, just up the street from Charline!
Where do you live now? Glasgow
Occupation? Dentist
Did you enjoy sport growing up? Growing up I loved any sport. I played a lot of football and am a massive Dunfermline Athletic fan. I was also involved in athletics, badminton and spent a few years coaching youth football during University. Generally I enjoy playing or watching any sport that’s on offer.
How do you keep fit and exercise now? Nowadays I keep fit by running, doing a few HIITs a week as well as PT and bootcamp sessions with Charline.

Has your relationship with exercise and fitness always been the same? When I was younger I was involved in a lot of team sport and so I was always naturally quite fit without putting in too much effort. When I left University and didn’t have the time for as much team sport, my fitness really deteriorated. Although I would go to the gym a few times a week I didn’t know or understand how to train effectively myself. Without realising it I put on a fair bit of weight and became really unfit.  A few years ago I started training with Charline again, gradually increasing what I was doing. Exercise and fitness are now one of my main focuses in life again. I know what I need to do to maintain my fitness and love spending time working on it.

You have a few businesses, can you tell us a little bit about them? I qualified as a dentist and immediately decided I wanted to run a practice of my own. After a few years of further training and studying I bought a private practice in East Kilbride in 2017 along with my best friend. Since taking over, the business has grown quite a bit and we took over a second practice in 2019. We’re now among the most advanced dental practices in the country and although it takes a lot of time and effort to run, its great fun and I love what I do.

Starting a business can take up a lot of your time? How do you fit exercise in? Running a business can be all consuming and takes up so much more of my time than I imagined but I’ve learned the importance of balance. Exercising is non negotiable and I often structure my day around being able to fit it in. I suffer from major guilt if I miss a single session! Throughout lockdown I started getting up early and doing my sessions before work. Although I really struggle to get out of bed, I love how good I feel afterwards and the sense of achievement at having done my training and still having the whole day ahead.

Do you have any fitness goals? My goals are to continue to feel and look fit, enjoy a healthy(ish🍺) lifestyle and to keep fitness and exercise as a big part of my life. Also to try and improve my half marathon time.
If someone out there is struggling with fitting exercise in with a lifestyle with no routine what would your advice be? Keep your end goals in mind, be disciplined and find the time. I enjoy my exercise most when I’m with other people so doing it with friends or a group will make it all the easier, more fun and help make you more accountable.

What do you love most about Three Hiit Wonder? I love how simple and effective the workouts are and the sense of community in the group. It’s become so much more than just exercise.
How has THW helped you in life? THW has helped give my weeks structure in terms of exercise. The workouts are so simple and I can do them wherever I am so there are no excuses for not. It’s given me a focus and accountability (even more so now being an ambassador!).
Give us one tip to stay motivated? Always keep positive. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions.
What is your life tip to live by? Chances are everything will be fine.

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Dave Rodgers

I’m jumping onboard the @DynamiqueF train with @ChaJoiner! She has the most wonderful enthusiasm & energy. When we worked together at @Glasgow2018 she lifted the whole team. She’s going to do the same with my fitness I hope! Nervous. Excited. Ready. Here we GOOO!

Dave Rodgers, Sports Presenter & Commentator

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