Name: Jason Joiner
Where are you from? Dunfermline/ Fife
Where do you live now? Still there
Occupation? Commercial Diver and Personal Trainer.

Why did you decide to become a Personal Trainer?
I have always enjoyed training from a young age after my dad took me to the gym and introduced me to it.

What is your favourite part about being a Personal Trainer?
Getting to pass on all the knowledge of my training on to other people, showing people that there are many different ways to train.

Did you enjoy sport growing up?
I always played sport, rugby, football, swimming, gymnastics, athletics and many more, some I enjoyed and some I didn’t but always took away whatever I could.

What’s your favourite type of exercise now and why?
Now I enjoy combining weights and more complex bodyweight exercises with speed circuits to help build power while maintaining flexibility.

If someone out there is struggling with fitting exercise in with life on the road or a busy lifestyle what would your advice be ?
There is always a way to include exercise in your day to day, I have been a commercial diver working long hard hours away from home for months at a time and if I couldn’t get to a gym I would to a 5-10min circuit at the foot of my bed before and after heading to work

What are your two favourite THW exercises and your two least favourite?
Love the intense one like skater lunges and jump squats but slower long pausing exercises like planks are not for me I’m afraid!

How has THW helped you?
THW has been great helping me get extra workouts in when I couldn’t get to a gym or struggled to find motivation.

Give us one tip to stay motivated?
The best one in my opinion is to plan your sessions and meals for the week, this makes it harder to miss your goals.

What is your life moto to live by?
Work hard, play hard


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Dave Rodgers

I’m jumping onboard the @DynamiqueF train with @ChaJoiner! She has the most wonderful enthusiasm & energy. When we worked together at @Glasgow2018 she lifted the whole team. She’s going to do the same with my fitness I hope! Nervous. Excited. Ready. Here we GOOO!

Dave Rodgers, Sports Presenter & Commentator

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