Name: Rebecca Charlton
Where are you from? Brighton
Where do you live now? London
Occupation? Telly presenter

Did you enjoy sport growing up?
That’s an interesting question! My family were incredibly sporty so I was climbing the highest mountain in England and racing around my local velodrome before I was 10, which I loved and it brought me so much happiness in my childhood. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t the odd tantrum on the hills!

You used to cycle, can you tell us a bit about that?
I was introduced to my local track league by my dad at the age of 7 or 8 and I fell in love with cycling. I raced my first national championships at 12 years old I’ve never looked back – it’s been a huge part of my life ever since.

When did you decide to stop racing?
When I went to university to pursue my dream of being a broadcast journalist it became increasingly hard to juggle racing. I carried on into my twenties & was lucky enough to be sponsored for several years by Sigma Sport & Mule Bar but it was more increasingly put on the back burner when work was busy.

You still like to ride your bike when you can, tell us a bit about your latest cycling challenge?
When I can ride, I tend to throw myself in 100% and I think my understanding of how to train efficiently means I can often do that. I was a ride captain for the Bloodwise London to Paris a couple of weeks ago over 500km which was hugely rewarding.

You have a very exciting job ! Have you ever been star struck by someone that you’ve had to interview?
I must admit I don’t tend to be a star struck person which is quite good in my job! I undoubtedly feel a huge amount respect for what they’ve achieved but luckily haven’t often become tongue tied, there have been some funny moment though like falling through a bench and almost setting my hair on fire during a live programme & Laura Kenny and I getting the giggles so badly that I could barely speak.

What’s been your favourite job to date?
I’m so fortunate to love my job and it genuinely excites me every day. Presenting the ITV coverage of the OVO Energy Women’s Tour is a dream job & the upcoming Six Day in London will be so much fun, I urge anyone who hasn’t been to get a ticket!

Do you have any fitness goals?
My goals are to maintain a healthy lifestyle when I’m travelling a lot, plus be able to hop on a bike and feel good! I’ve learned to be realistic & prioritise the important stuff!

If someone out there is struggling with fitting exercise in with life on the road or a busy lifestyle what would your advice be?
Be realistic and make the goals achievable! If you feel ill don’t push it, but if you’re just making excuses, recognise it in yourself! You can always do 15 minutes and you’ll never ever regret the session you do!

What do you love most about Three Hiit Wonder?
The community motivates me every day and I always feel amazing after hearing coach Cha’s voice in my living room/hotel room/park/random location!! Plus…half time dance!

What are your two favourite THW exercises and your two least favourite?

My two faves are cross jacks and plank jacks, I just love a jack! Ooh I don’t really love a mountain climber, I think because I don’t feel very graceful & doing jumpy lunges into squat jumps is always a day of the burn!!!
How has THW helped you in life?

It’s made me resilient, strong, motivated, more toned and more balanced physically and mentally. I now believe small steps can make big changes.

Give us one tip to stay motivated? Providing you’re well and not injured, you always feel better after a THW session so remind yourself of that when motivation is waning – if you’re debating doing it, do it and decide after if it was a good idea!

What is your life tip to live by?
You’re stronger than you think.





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I’m jumping onboard the @DynamiqueF train with @ChaJoiner! She has the most wonderful enthusiasm & energy. When we worked together at @Glasgow2018 she lifted the whole team. She’s going to do the same with my fitness I hope! Nervous. Excited. Ready. Here we GOOO!

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