Name: Hayley Rebecca Simmonds
Sport: Cycling
Discipline: Road and Time Trial
Biggest achievement: Commonwealth Games 2018 and European Games 2019 TT bronze medals, National TT Champion 2015 & 2016
Have you always been sporty? 
I’ve always done some form of sport and so have my parents and brother. At junior school I did gymnastics and netball then I competed to a high level in rowing at senior school and university. In 2009 I rowed for Cambridge in the Henley Women’s Boat Races before starting cycling in 2010.
How did you get into your sport?
After I stopped rowing I spent a year concentrating on my degree. After my finals I was thinking about getting back into sport and my boyfriend (now husband) suggested I try cycling as he had been cycling since his teens. He lent me a bike, I bought some basic, entry-level kit and that was that!
How has Power your Range helped your performance in your sport?
I am a time trial specialist so being strong in a restricted position is crucial. In particular I struggle with hip tightness after a lot of training in the TT position and so I love the hip focus during the Power Your Range sessions. I feel a lot stronger in the TT position since starting PYR but I also think I’ve been more robust towards injury and recovered better from hard training sessions.
What’s your favourite thing about Power your Range?
I find the hip work extremely beneficial but I’ve also loved working on some areas that are commonly neglected. I broke my elbow in 2018 and I think I’ve become stronger in my left arm and able to get it straighter since doing mobility work. The sessions never feel like a chore – it’s great to enjoy something that I know is benefitting me!
If you could choose any other Olympic sport to be in what would it be and why? 
Probably gymnastics as a summer sport or skeleton as a winter sport. I used to love watching the gymnastics at the Olympics as a child and some of my earliest memories of watching sport on TV are enjoying the floor routines. I’d love to try some of the winter sports – skeleton in particular looks like an incredible adrenaline rush!
What is your favourite athlete meal?
I love Alan Murchison’s recipes! One of my all time favourites has to be Thai-style turkey burgers with Asian slaw.
I eat loads of fruit and Greek yoghurt too with mango being a major favourite – I could eat a mango at every meal!
What is your favourite cheat meal?
I have a major sweet tooth and am a keen baker so home baked goodies are always tempting! I particularly love homemade icecream.

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