Name: Molly Gibson


Where are you from? I’m from a small village in Aberdeenshire, called Maud.
Where do you live now? Live in the south side of Glasgow, Shawlands
Occupation?  Work full time for NHS as MSK Physiotherapist. Have side job working for GHK rugby club.


What kind of physio are you and what are you looking to specialise in?
Love to educate my patients on the human body and how to help them prevent injuries and self manage their conditions effectively. I really enjoy working with musculoskeletal injuries, however would love to work more closely in sport, with the dream of working with Paralympic athletes.What’s your favourite part of being a physio? 

My favourite part of physio therapy is that it’s always changing! there’s always new things to learn and you can be as creative in your rehab as you’d like to be therefore I’m always trying to think ‘outside the box’ to interest my patients.

Why did you add Pilates to your skill set? 

I added pilates to my skill set as self management and resilience is key whatever lifestyle you have. I feel pilates is a way to teach whole body control and stability, hence preventing injuries or reoccurrence whilst having fun and further challenging your body!
Did you enjoy sport growing up?
I loved sport as I was growing up! From a young age I became a competitive swimmer and dreamed about swimming in the olympics! unfortunately as I became a teenager my priorities changed (arriving at school with wet hair was not cool.. 😂) however if I could go back I’d do it all over again.
What’s your favourite type of exercise now and why?

My favourite type of exercise would have to be circuit work with a mix of body weight and high intensity exercise. A fast but effective blast!



If someone out there is struggling with fitting exercise in with life on the road or a busy lifestyle what would your advice be?

If someone was struggling to fit in exercise due to work or a busy lifestyle my advice would be to aim to fit in small regular 10 minute bouts of physical activity daily. I advise my patients all the time to set timers on their phone if they have a desk job to get up and move every 20-30mins or if sitting watching tv and an advert comes on to do sit to stands from the sofa until the programme comes back on! any little effort of increasing your movement will help start the positive cycle of increasing activity and will make you feel a lot better about yourself too!


What do you love most about Three Hiit Wonder?
I love the fact the THW has introduced me to a amazing community of people who provide the most amazing support and motivation to keep me pushing myself to set new fitness goals regularly! I have also made the most amazing friends through joining the team.


What are your two favourite THW exercises and your two least favourite?
Two favourite exercises are jump lunges and queen squats. Two least favourite being mountain climbers and squat thrusts.

How has THW helped you?
THW has challenged me and pushed me to develop as an individual as well as a teacher. THW enables me the opportunity to share my love for pilates with the community and grow in confidence in doing this.
Give us one tip to stay motivated?
One tip to stay motivated is to always make sure you set yourself weekly achievable and realistic goals. You must listen to your body and set goals from this! Say your goals out loud to ensure you have told people your aims so that they can help you keep on track.
What is your life moto to live by?
Life motto is to always smile at everyone so that everyone feels noticed and be the reason someone else smiles today.

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Dave Rodgers

I’m jumping onboard the @DynamiqueF train with @ChaJoiner! She has the most wonderful enthusiasm & energy. When we worked together at @Glasgow2018 she lifted the whole team. She’s going to do the same with my fitness I hope! Nervous. Excited. Ready. Here we GOOO!

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