Name: Sarah Harrower
Where are you from? I grew up all over as my dad was in the military.
Where do you live now? I Live and work in Glasgow now.

Occupation: I work full time as a physiotherapist for the NHS and have experience in a few specialties including paediatrics, neuro rehab, women’s health and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Tell us about your Yoga training? I decided to undertake my yoga teacher training as I wanted to be able to share with people the exceptional benefits a regular practice can have on your physical and mental wellbeing. I started practising yoga from a place where my main goal was to improve my physical health but quickly realised that I was actually learning how look after and nurture my mental health. I come across a lot of patient’s in my day job who are struggling with injuries and chronic pain and finding it difficult to move forward with rehabilitation due to challenges with their mental health and I believe that yoga can help support people to improve their mental wellbeing and thus improve their quality of life.

What style do you teach? I teach Vinyasa yoga. I believe yoga is for everybody and have a huge passion for health and wellbeing. Yoga classes can be so diverse. In my classes you can expect a dynamic accessible flow that is designed to strengthen and create space.

What is your favourite thing about yoga? There are so many things I love about yoga! But one of my favourite things is that it’s so personal and you can do it anywhere and always! It strengthens your mind body connection and your relationship with yourself and the rest of the world J in a really positive way.

Why do you love teaching? It’s such a pleasure to share something that your passionate about and it gives me a lot of joy to see people take an interest in their own health and wellbeing. With my physiotherapy background I feel I can make it more accessible to people who struggle with activity and movement.

Tell us about your Yoga Retreats: I am one half of Juniper Rose Retreats. This year myself and my best friend hosted 2 Wellness Weekends in the Scottish Highlands. Our mission is to create a space where people can take some time to slow down, relax, laugh, learn new methods of selfcare, find some stillness, experience the benefits of nature and of course enjoy delicious home cooked nutritious food!

Did you enjoy sports growing up? I was a huge lover of sports growing up (still am!!) In my younger days it was all about hockey. Now I love anything outdoors, especially a wild swim or a trail run J and when it snows you’ll find me with skis on!

Do you have any advice for fitting in exercise to your daily routine? Make it fun and functional! Use the outdoors as much as you can, even if it’s raining. Going out for a walk, run, cycle, swim it all counts. Try not to plan for every second of the day so that you can choose to walk instead of drive some days. And surround yourself with people who love moving, it’s infectious.

What do you love most about THW? Firstly I love the community it creates. It’s wonderful to see everyone supporting each other in the Facebook group and being the motivation for one another to get it done! And secondly Cha’s unwavering enthusiasm and encouragement. It’s incredible! 💪🏼

2 Favourite THW exercises and 2 least favourite? 

Fave: Squat jumps and shoulder taps
Worst: Burpees and tricep dips

How has THW helped you? Realising there’s always time for a few squats wherever you are and whatever time it is! 😂

Give us 1 tip to stay motivated: Celebrate the small things always!

What is your life moto to live by?

Be kind

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Dave Rodgers

I’m jumping onboard the @DynamiqueF train with @ChaJoiner! She has the most wonderful enthusiasm & energy. When we worked together at @Glasgow2018 she lifted the whole team. She’s going to do the same with my fitness I hope! Nervous. Excited. Ready. Here we GOOO!

Dave Rodgers, Sports Presenter & Commentator

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